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Seven Acre Dairy Company

Seven Acre Dairy is a local historic southern Wisconsin icon that has housed various local businesses and galleries throughout the years. Mark's interest in local history and the environmentally sustainable approach peeked his interest in this opportunity. Mark supported the business-owner's vision to reimagine 21,000 Sq ft building and create a destination that includes a modern inn, food experiences and event spaces for those who love dairy, traveling, and Wisconsin.


  • Active board member

  • Event planning and community outreach

  • Investor 

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Local Business Consulting Services

Here at BDJS Consulting we are also business development focused. We can assist your business growth whatever the associated needs. BDJS Consulting is committed to helping small, mid-size and minority businesses maximize their potential while navigating the challenges of today's business environment. A client we currently support is The Black Label Auto.

Business Consulting Services Include:
  • Operational development for increased revenue

  • Funding and capital resource management

  • Payroll and employee training

  • Federal and municipal regulatory navigation

  • Long-term business strategy




The Great Taste of the Midwest

The Great Taste of the Midwest is the 2ND Largest Beer Festival in the US (10,000 attendees, 200+ brewers) and is a subsidiary event under The Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild. For 10 years Mark shared his organizational genius with five other leaders for this event, and was involved in some way for 20 of the 35 years in existence. It’s safe to say that Mark helped lift this event to the greatness it’s known for today.

  • A-Z logistics planning from initiation to event day

    • Major to minor details

    • Emergency plan design

    • COVID protocol coordinator

  • Working with the city on compliance issues

  • Acquiring ever increasing sponsorship - primary of two people 

  • Supporting operations, internally and externally

The Beer & Cheese Fest

The Beer & Cheese Fest — Mark has consulted for this consistently sold out event over the past 12 years. He gives them loads of ideas on how to improve the event, year after year, for everybody involved from vendor to attendee. He’s been a huge advocate for their online ticket sales and promotion, advising them to trust the marketing strategy. 

  • COVID protocol and communication

  • Vendor management and check-in admin

  • Coordinating and serving beer pours for attendees

    • Staff fill-in

  • Provide advice to organizers on event enhancements

  • Assist with event operations

  • Initiating sponsorship growth


Distill America

Distill America is an annual event created to celebrate American distillers. Mark has volunteered and assisted event organizers for over 10 years, consulting on vendor appreciation in addition to logistics and strategies for increased success.


  • Managed event logistics and vendor packages

  • Mapped out vendor placement and traffic flow

  • Coordinated vendor set up and breakdown for maximum efficiency

  • Assisted with total event teardown

  • Overall work to ensure the event is the success that it is

Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild

The Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild is a nonprofit organization and the largest homebrew club in Madison. They provide charitable contributions to several community organizations in the greater Madison area. As President from 2015-2020, Mark played a major role in helping change the focus of the organization toward giving.  


  • Grew membership from 200 members to 400+

  • Helped grow charitable contributions three fold

    • Grew number of charities

    • Grew total contribution dollars

  • Expanded programs to be more robust

    • added more educational events

  • Increased active role of organization with home brewers and local commercial brewers

  • Provided promotional support and opportunities for professional brewers


Behind the Brews

Behind The Brews — Isthmus online news magazine created a series of video reviews focused on brewers and beer industry movers within the state of Wisconsin. Was sponsored by HOP CAT. Mark co-hosted this podcast series with Fred Swanson for two seasons and charmed the audience with how easily he connects with people.

  • Interviewed prominent brewers in Wisconsin

  • Educated the public on the brewing industry and trends

  • Brought a fresh perspective to the industry

Ask Mark Alfred about the many additional events he's planned over the past 15 years not listed here. It’s quite an impressive range!

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