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We support dreams.

How BDJS Consulting Supports Your Dreams

Event Planning

Need an event of a lifetime? Lean on Mark Alfred to work his event planning magic. Utilize his deep connections in the food and beverage industry to create the business event of your dreams. We want you to shine and rein in results!

Fund Finding

You dreamed up a great business idea and you need money? BDJS Consulting helps startups and minority business owners find the loans, grants, or other funding they need to make their vision a reality. Discover our passion to help you grow!

Business Admin

Feeling lost or confused with all the back-end of business? Mark Alfred knows your pain and will hold your hand through the business organization, taxation, or administrative services you need to succeed. Feel organized and on top of your game.


So you already have a business but you’re feeling stuck? Look to Mark Alfred for the personal finance guidance you need to take your business to the next level. BDJS Consulting provides solutions and support for Midwest individuals and businesses.

BDJS Consulting
Mark Alfred

For the past 20 years Mark Alfred has been involved in organizing some of the most well-known events in Madison, WI. Mark created BDJS Consulting in 2020 to expand opportunities for Midwest businesses to achieve success. 

Today we organize events large and small as well as meet any service needs you may have from a business perspective. We are agile and adaptable to whatever hurdles your business may be facing with a seasoned understanding. We can meet the needs of any organization, with a specialized focus on small and minority-owned businesses.

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BDJS Consulting
Core Values


We possess the experience and knowledge you trust. The professional who is reliable and aligns with your mission. 


We have utmost respect for the client’s values and goals, believing in consistency and honesty in all our actions.


We willingly show up as experts for our clients to share the responsibility in building your path to success.


We accomplish a positive measurable result that reveals our valuable partnership and commitment to quality.

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